When planning a vacation to Peru, one of the first things we consider as travelers are the seasons with the best possible weather, especially if we plan to visit the imposing Machu Picchu and the lovely Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Most travel agencies will advise traveling to Cusco and rest of Peru during the dry season (May to October). However, we also recommend traveling during rainy season (November to April) when the landscapes are brilliantly green.

cusco rainy season


Cusco sees less tourism during rainy season but are planning their holidays for the dry season.

What are the advantages? Less people at the archeological sites especially Machu Picchu where it gets very hectic during high season. Enjoy tranquility, no crowds and take fantastic pictures without people getting in the way.


Another benefit of visiting Cusco during the rainy season, is warmer weather. Summer in the southern hemisphere runs from November to April, meaning the day and night temperatures are warmer than the dry season (our winter).  So instead of packing clothes for cooler weather, you could pack more souvenirs for family and friends.


During rainy season you will have better options of hotels, restaurants, trains, better hours for Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu will be available.  Traveling during this time with us will be marvelous.

paisaje rainy season


Rainy season brings green landscapes making a great picture moment.  The mountainous landscapes that are dry yellow and brown convert to bright green extending to the outskirts of the city of Cusco, and the cloud forest at Machu Picchu.

Tours Trekperu is ready to help you plan the perfect vacation during rainy season or dry season in Cusco and all over Peru. Of course rainy season has its advantages with less crowds and peace of mind.  In general, you’ll experience clear mornings and late afternoon showers so you could stroll in Cusco in pure splendor!

So don´t hesitate and travel with us during rainy season!!!


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