Cusco is a city that never ceases to amaze us, there is always something new to visit, value newly excavated ruins, other routes to explore, the city never stands still and it is more alive than ever!

This new lithic monument, Apukunaq Tianan, derives from the Quechua language that means “The abode of the gods.”

Quechua is the language spoken by many Indigenous Communities in Peru.

This place of which we speak, is a set of lithic monuments of more than 10 meters, is part of an entrepreneurial project trying to keep the tradition of stone carving alive with the purpose to revalue the Andean culture and identity, with a contemporary vision, paying tribute to the Andean ideology, where myths and legends are present.

This space does not break the landscape environment, but remains part of it, keeping harmony, suitable for the public of all ages.

During the carving process he requires the assistance of the locals, applying the ancestral Ayni, whose meaning in Quechua is: “reciprocity”. The Ayni system was practiced in the Inca era, whose results can be seen today in the principle pre-Columbian citadels.

Apukunaq Tianan is a self-sustaining and ecological space, because of the energy autonomy and the water treatment that it offers from a nearby spring, making this new monument much more interesting to be visited.

Inspired by great lithic labor, working live stone is still present today.

This lovely sculpture that´s still in process, is already dazzling.

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