WEaving pax jovenes
WEaving pax jovenes
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Bus con pax jovenes
WEaving pax jovenes
LLamas con ninos2
Bus con pax jovenes
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  • Exploring the pre-Inca, Northern Kingdoms of Peru which are less traveled.
  • Trujillo known for its delicious cuisine and the Moche civilization with its many pyramids.
  • Get to know the Lady of Cao, thought to have been a leader of the Moche.
  • Meet the Lord of Sipan with his intricate silver and copper ornaments.

Itinerary at a Glance

Days Destinations The Experience
Day 1 am Fly from Lima to Trujillo Pm Visit the Temple of the Moon, important religious centre, pyramid shape, A tomb was uncovered here, with over 40 sacrificed warriors. A top its strong adobe surface the are remains of large multi-colored murals, where the face of the Moche God, Aia Apaek is depicted.
Day 2 Private van to Chiclayo Visit Huaca Dragon and Arco Iris, Chan Chan one of the most largest adobe ancient cities in the world, lunch in front of Pacific ocean, stop at Sacred Pyramid El Brujo and its human sacrifices murals and Lady of Cao mummy a leader of Moche culture
Day 3 Chiclayo Visit the Tomb of the Lord of Sipan in Huaca Rajada pyramid, Sican museum and the valley of the pyramids in Tucume
Day 4 Fly to Lima and connect to your international flight Transportation to Chiclayo airport (end of services)


Hotels in Trujillo


Hotels in Chiclayo


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