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Lima arrival-Fly to Cusco-Machu Picchu-Fly to Lima and connect to Guayaquil-Fly to Galapagos- Activities-Fly to Guayaquil and connect to your international flight



  • Travel back in time and visit the Pachacamac pre-Inca Ruins with its many pyramids.
  • A delightful cultural visit of the Sacred Valley of the Incas with its colorful weavings and inspiring archeological site.
  • Explore Machu Picchu lost in time and now open to the world.
  • Discover the Paradise of the Galapagos with its distinctive and unique wildlife and fauna.

Itinerary at a Glance

Days Destinations The Experience
Day 1 Arrival in Lima City of kings
Day 2 Lima Lima city tour and Pachacamac adobe ruins in front of Pacific Ocean
Day 3 Fly to Cusco and continue to Sacred Valley (Less altitude) Pisac ruins and local market
Day 4 Sacred Valley of the Incas Moray, Maras salt ponds, Peruvian Paso horseshow, Ollantaytambo ruins and village
Day 5 Machu Picchu – Cusco Fantastic Machu Picchu visit and train to Cusco
Day 6 Cusco San Pedro market, city tour and nearby ruins including the Sacsayhuaman Inca Temple, Choco museum visit
Day 7 Fly to Lima and connect to Guayaquil in Ecuador Overnight in Guayaquil (From this city the distance to Galapagos is shorter)
Day 8 Fly to Baltra in Galapagos and board the M/Y Coral Observe the Galapagos giant tortoises and hike to collapsed twin sinkholes
Day 9 M/Y Coral Seabirds, boobies, snorkeling and swimming with penguins and turtles
Day 10 M/Y Coral Hike on Isabela island to Alcedo Volcano, Tagus Cove, snorkeling and kayaking
Day 11 M/Y Coral Visit Santiago island and see endemic fur seals, herons, lava lizards. Snorkle with sealions, turtles and rays
Day 12 Fly to Guayaquil and connect your international flight Swimming at Bachas Beach and hike along the shore. Then you will be take to Baltra airport to take your flight to Guayaquil and connect your international flight

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Day 1 Arrive in Lima the City of Kings
Arrive in the Lima airport, where our staff waits to take you to the heart of the city, Miraflores or spend the night in the airport hotel. This beautiful coastal city was founded by Francisco Pizarro, January 18, 1535 as the City of Kings. It became the capital and the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru. Today Lima renowned for Peruvian cuisine especially ceviche (fresh seafood dishes).

Overnight in Lima
No meals

Day 2 Visit the City of Kings – Pachacamac pre-Inca Ruins
Today we will stroll through Lima, the City of Kings, the capital of Peru. We will visit a combination of pre-Hispanic, Colonial and Contemporary. Our tour will take us to the pre-Inca ruins, colonial and Inca architecture, residential neighborhoods, charming churches, and more. Enjoy lunch in a restaurant of your choice.
After lunch we drive South of Lima to visit the Pachacamac archeological site which was settled around 200 A.D and flourished for over 1300 years before the Spanish invasion. Admire the many pyramids and the Sun Temple believed to have been used for sacrifices. After a cultural, historical tour return to your hotel.

Hotel in Lima
Breakfast and lunch included

Day 3 Lima – Cusco – Sacred Valley of the Incas
This morning, transfer to the airport for your flight to Cusco. Arrive in the City of the Incas and be whisked away to the Sacred Valley of the Incas where the elevation is lower. This scenic ride will relax you with the surrounding mountains and valley until arriving to the Pisac ruins(3,347m/10,981ft). This is a religious center located on top of the hill with wonderful views of the valley and town of Pisac below. We will do a short hike visiting the Sun Temple, water channels and admire the many agricultural terraces built on the hilltop. After the tour, drive down to the town of Pisac (2,960m/9,809ft) for a visit of the typical colorful artisan market where you can purchase souvenirs. Thereafter, we continue through the Sacred Valley to Urubamba to have a Peruvian buffet lunch. Then we will go to your hotel to relax.

Hotel in the Sacred Valley
Breakfast and lunch included

Day 4 Moray circular depressions – Maras Salt Ponds – Ollantaytambo Inca Town – Travel by Train to Machu Picchu Town
This morning we drive to Moray located on a high plateau at about (3500m /11500 ft.) and just west of the village of Maras located below. These are stunning agricultural circles which are in a large bowl depression with many terraces resembling an ancient Greek amphitheater. This archeological site is believed (in theory) to have been used by the Incas as an agricultural experiment center to test plants in different temperatures. Catch your breath before driving down to the old colonial town of Maras (3380m/11090ft.). Observe the spectacular views as we drive up the dirt narrow road to the Maras Salt Pans. Stroll on the narrow walking stones seeing the salt pans with its dramatic appearance and taste the salt waters. The salt is still gathered by hand without using machinery. After our visit you can choose to hike down to Urubamba or board our private transport there. Have a delicious lunch in the Wayra Restaurant where lunch is served in the outdoor terrace. The buffet is a choice of tubers, meats and salads that is served at your table. Be entertained while you feast on your meal watching a Peruvian Paso Horse show. Travel along the Urubamba River to one of the last Inca towns of Ollantaytambo (2,792m/9,160ft) once a royal estate to the Inca Pachacutec. The ruins were built on the side of the mountain facing town. Be pleased with the quaint town that has water canals running along the homes. Tour the many structures such as the Temple of the Sun, the Royal Hall and El Baño de la Princesa (Princess Bath). Then visit a local´s home where you will experience their customs and observe the guinea pigs with a chance to feed them. Board your train to Machu Picchu town with magnificent views as drop down in elevation. Arrive and spend the night in a comfortable hotel.

Hotel in the Sacred Valley
Breakfast and lunch included

Day 5 Mysterious Machu Picchu Visit – Travel by Train – Cusco
Early rise and have breakfast before taking the bus for a 25-minute ride to the magical Machu Picchu one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Take pleasure in a professional guided walking tour, visiting the citadel once lost in time. Our first visit will be of the guard house to observe the agricultural farming terraces, Funerary Rock where the Incas were mummified and catch spectacular views of Sungate up above and Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu below. Stroll to the extraordinary Temple of the Sun with exceptionally carved stones, The Sacred Plaza with the Temple of the Three Windows which features the huge trapezoidal windows. Walk up to the Intihuatana the solar clock and finally visit the temple of the Condor. After a mesmerizing experience, feeling the energy of the past, exit the park with your guide to have lunch in the Tinquy Restaurant in the Sanctuary Lodge. After lunch return to town with your guide to take the Vistadome train with panoramic windows to the Ollantaytambo or Poroy station. Upon arrival in the station we will whisk you to your hotel in Cusco.

Hotel in Cusco
Breakfast and lunch included.

Day 6 Inca City Tour
Morning or afternoon tour of the City of the Incass. Our guide will meet you in your hotel to start the tour of the historical Inca city of Cusco visiting the Cathedral in the Plaza de Armas and Qoricancha (Inca Sun Temple). From here we will take off to the San Pedro market where you will see the locals shopping for Andean grains, vegetables, fruits, natural plant medicines and more. After a cultural visit we drive above the city of Cusco, to visit the impressive Sacsayhuaman and Q’enqo a place for rituals. Return to Cusco and visit the Choco Museum where we will learn the delicious history of the gem, cacao. Return to your hotel.

Hotel in Cusco
Breakfast included

Cusco – Lima – Guayaquil
An early start to the airport for connection to Lima. Once you arrive in Lima you will self-connect to your flight to Guayaquil. Arrive in the coastal city of Guayaquil, the largest cosmopolitan city in Ecuador, known as, The Pearl of the Pacific. Transfer to your hotel and get settled in before enjoying the lively city walking tour of the Malecon, visiting the Iguana Park or the historical Park of Guayaquil or other places like Las Peñas.

Hotel in Guayaquil
Breakfast included

Day 8 Guayaquil – Baltra – Galapagos – Coral Cruiser 5 Days (Wednesday departures)
(upgrade to the Legend Cruiser 5 days)
If this Cruise is not available we will substitute with a similar one.

AM- Baltra Airport
Departure from Quito or Guayaquil to Baltra Island (2½-hour flight). Arriving in the Galapagos, passengers are picked up at the airport by our naturist guides and taken in a ten-minute bus drive to the pier to board the M/Y Coral I or M/Y Coral II.

AM – Highlands Tortoise Reserve & Pit Craters (Santa Cruz Island)

Dry landing. In the central highlands of Santa Cruz Island, we have our best opportunity to interact at close quarters with totally wild, Galapagos giant tortoises. A short walk among these huge, 600lb, reptiles will also offer the chance for more highland species, especially several species of the famed finches. A visit to the collapsed, twin sinkholes (Gemelos) puts us in a stunning forest of the endemic tree-forming Scalesia. Apart from the dramatic scenery, this area is well known for its diversity of passerine bird species.

• Difficulty level:
• Type of terrain: flat & muddy (depending on season)
• Duration: 45-minute drive / 1 ½-hour walk

Day 9 Punta Vicente Roca and Punta Espinoza
AMPunta Vicente Roca (Isabela Island)
This is a spectacular visitor site, surrounded by immense cliffs of the eroded volcano. Studded with resting seabirds such as brown noddies and Nazca boobies, we will enjoy them in close proximity from our dinghies. Snorkeling here is superb, with certain species of fish only found in the west of the archipelago. We also have a very real chance of swimming with penguins and potentially a plethora of green turtles.

• Difficulty level:
• Type of terrain: water
• Duration: 1-hour snorkeling / 1-hour panga ride

Punta Espinosa (Fernandina Island)
Dry landing. The youngest island of Galapagos and one of the most pristine in the world. Fernandina is simply the ëmarine iguana capital of the world. This desolate volcanic backdrop is home to a huge concentration of these enigmatic reptiles. Incongruously, sharing the same shoreline, we can find the diminutive Galapagos penguins. Here we will also have an exciting opportunity to snorkel with marine iguanas feeding underwater, penguins, turtles and the bizarre, endemic, flightless cormorants.

• Difficulty level:
• Type of terrain: rocky
• Duration: 2-hour walk / 1-hour snorkeling

Day 10 Urban Bay and Tagus Cove
AMUrbina Bay (Isabela Island)
Wet landing. At the far end of a long, level hike we arrive at a strange phenomenon where large blocks of coral lie completely exposed after a dramatic geological uplift in 1954. Located at the western base of Alcedo Volcano we hope to run into a few very impressive land iguanas as well as some of the volcanos endemic Galapagos giant tortoises during the wet season.

• Difficulty level:
• Type of terrain: flat & rocky
• Duration: 1 ½-hour walk / 1-hour snorkeling

Tagus Cove (Isabela)
Dry landing. A well-known hideout and deep water anchorage in the days of pirates, Tagus Cove was also one of the few sites visited by Charles Darwin and the HMS Beagle in 1835. A beautiful hike leads us past an overview of Darwin Lake and on to a stunning volcanic landscape revealing Isabela islandís dramatic northern volcanoes. Once back at sea level the perfect activity is to snorkel along a submerged wall with turtles, lots of fish, penguins and potentially flightless cormorants. You might even be tempted by a panga ride or kayak!

• Difficulty level:
• Type of terrain: steep
• Duration: 2-hour walk / 40-minute panga ride / 1-hour deep water snorkeling

Day 11 Egas Port and Sullivan Bay
AM – Egas Port (Santiago Island)
Wet landing. The black volcanic sand sets this landing apart from most. It is best known for the dramatic shoreline where we meet a host of species that chose to live between land and sea. Particular among these are the endemic Galapagos fur seals which maintain a small colony at the end of our walk. Other species of note include American oystercatchers, sea lions, waders, herons, lava lizards and even Galapagos hawks. An optional visit takes us to an abandoned salt mine famous in its day for supplying salt to mainland Ecuador.

• Difficulty level:
• Type of terrain: flat & semi-rocky
• Duration: 1½-hour walk / 1-hour snorkeling

PM –
Sullivan Bay (Santiago Island)

Wet landing. Although, when viewed from the sea, the site does not look especially interesting visitors are always totally enthralled by the amazing beds of pahoehoe lava from the recent flow on the island. It is a landscape and macro photographer’s dream. The importance of pioneer plants such as the tiny Mollugo will be discussed as we hike over the lava. After our land visit we can enjoy a refreshing snorkel in the company of sea lions, turtles and rays.

• Difficulty level:
• Type of terrain: flat volcanic lava
• Duration: 1½-hour walk / 1-hour snorkeling/beach time

Day 12 Bachas Beach – Baltra – fly to Guayaquil or Quito
AMBachas Beach (Santa Cruz Island)
Wet landing. Named for some wrecked World War II barges whose ribs are still visible in the sand this visitor site offers great swimming, a lovely walk along the shore and a visit to a lagoon behind the high tide line with wading birds, marine iguanas and sometimes even flamingoes. The two beaches are also favorite nesting sites for green turtles which often leave tractor-like tracks in the sand.

• Difficulty level:
• Type of terrain: sandy
• Duration: 1-hour walk

Baltra Airport

After the visit, passengers will be transferred to the airport for their return flight to Guayaquil or Quito.

Note: You can start from Guayaquil or Quito. Let us know if you want to add more days in the Galapagos or add tours in Quito etc.

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  • Day by day itinerary improved by you and your Tours&Trekperu travel designer.
  • This itinerary is based on 2 people travelling together in double or twin occupancy.
  • Professional English speaking guide.
  • Your trip coordinator is available 24/7 for any assistance and needs that you may require.
  • All in-country transfers as scheduled
  • All entrance fees for places mentioned in the program.
  • Accommodation at your selected hotels.
  • Private comfortable vehicles + professional drivers.
  • Train: Round trip Vistadome class train or similar.
  • All meals indicated on the itinerary. Vegetarian diets accommodated on request (advance notification required). For other diets, consult your travel specialist before making a reservation.
  • Our trip coordinator will be in care of the details of your trip: Changing money, check in at the different hotels, ideas of activities you can do on your free time, luggage storage, domestic flights reconfirmation, recommend restaurants, translation, etc.
  • Our private tours are flexible, if you are exhausted you can change the time departure or reduce the visit time or change any activity in your program. We also want you to enjoy your hotel amenities.


  • Travel Insurance (highly recommended)
  • International flights, nor local flights within Peru. (we can book the domestic flights at an economical price)
  • Entrance: Huayna Picchu or Montaña hikes
  • Tours, meals or other services not listed on the itinerary.
  • Entrance to Galapagos Park
  • Alcoholic beverages nor items of a personal nature; such as clothing, equipment, laundry and phone calls.
  • Expenses incurred in trip preparation such as, but not limited to, non-refundable airline tickets, travel insurance, and additional expenses resulting from flight delays, schedule changes, cancellations, or missed connections.
  • Tips to the local staff.

Our prices are per person in double occupancy (matrimonial or twin) in US dollars, thus if you want a single room you will need to add a supplement cost.

Occasionally, after coordinating your trip with our travel consultant, there could be slight changes in your itinerary or hotels because you want to spend more time in places that interest you, avoid long distances, have more free time or avoid tourist concentrations. These changes will increase or reduce the final price. It is important to mention that most hotels increase their rates during special holidays but our Travel Consultant will inform you and make other suggestions.

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