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  1. Make sure to leave copies of your passports and credit cards with family members before traveling to Peru.
  2. Make sure to leave your travel information, hotel telephone numbers and travel agency in Peru contact person and number to your family.
  3. Make sure you have your passport and if required your visa in order for arriving in Peru. Passports must be valid 6 months or more upon your departure from Peru.
  4. Contact your bank and credit card before traveling to Peru.
  5. Trust your instincts: if a situation feels wrong it probably is.
  6. Don’t trust everyone even if they seem friendly.
  7. Don’t walk alone at night.
  8. Walk with confidence and do not seem lost.
  9. Hold on to your backpack etc. and do not leave it unattended or it will disappear.
  10. Be careful when crossing the street as drivers rarely care and you could be hit by the car.
  11. Learn some basic Spanish.
  12. Do not flash your cash and keep your valuables hidden.
  13. Use ATM’s in the banks during banking hours only.
  14. Do not accept drinks from strangers or people you just get to know because they could drop something in your drink.
  15. Take taxis that are marked or have your hotel call one for you.
  16. Do not give your personal information to anyone especially when you arrive at any airport.
  17. Make sure you bring your personal medication or sleep apnea machine because you may not find it in Peru.
  18. Make sure you have travel and health insurance.
  19. If traveling alone, please let someone know your whereabouts daily.
  20. Make sure to have a phone with you for emergencies.
  21. To acclimatize to the high elevation in Cusco, Puno or Arequipa please stay hydrated, do not drink alcohol, drink coca tea or muña tea and eat lightly on the first day arriving to high elevation.